Thanksgiving day picture quotes. 27 Inspirational Thanksgiving Quotes with Happy Images

Thanksgiving day picture quotes. 27 Inspirational Thanksgiving Quotes with Happy Images

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50 Best Pictures And Photos Of Thanksgiving Day

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Thanksgiving is one such occasion for Christians across many countries to mention gratitude for a good harvest and the preceding year. This was a feast organized as a celebration of the first harvest in the New World. A record claims that 90 Native Americans and 53 Pilgrims attended this feast. Pilgrims refer to the Europeans who settled in America. Since after the first Thanksgiving celebrations took place in October , it has been a day to be grateful for the good fortune of winning military battles, and for the grace of climate throughout the year which brings with it a wholesome crop. Thanksgiving is celebrated on different days in different countries. It is within this time frame that the festival is celebrated all across the globe.