Pics of fir. What are the Different Types of Fir Trees? (with pictures)

Pics of fir. Fir Tree Pictures

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12 Species of Fir Trees

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We grew up in a very rural part of Pennsylvania, so when I say that my dad and I drove his pickup truck into the woods, I literally mean we drove his pickup truck into the woods. He was on the search for a tree to plant in the front yard, and after a bit of hunting he found the one he wanted. Carefully digging it up from the ground, he placed it in the bed of the truck. My dad kept his eyes on… well, not on the road. From that point on, I became enthralled with identifying trees and plants β€” especially with noting the differences between pine, spruce, and fir trees. In this article you can expect to see some pictures paired with descriptions and an organized approach examining the nuggets of information. Lastly, there will be a brief look at other conifers that are not pine, spruce, or fir.