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Make your own is this a pigeon meme. How To Make Your Own "Is This A Pigeon?" Meme, Because It Is So Easy

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Shit's bleak in and this year's crop of memes reflects that grim reality. Case in point: the "Is This A Pigeon? The framework for this one is pretty ancient by internet standards. The still image that forms its basis is from a anime called The Brave Fighter of Sunbird, in which an android, Yutaro Katori, mistakes a butterfly for a pigeon:. According to Know Your Meme, the still shot of Yutaro first appeared on Tumblr in , where it achieved virality for the first time. This month, the image reemerged and quickly became a heavily-used format. Noticeably, however, many Twitter users are using "Is This A Pigeon" to comment on issues of mental health and depression:.