Mag light silencer. Maglite Suppressor Kit Sale: Up to 70% Off | Best Discount Price for Today

Mag light silencer. DIY Maglite Flashlight Suppressor

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5 Surprising Facts About Gun Silencers | HowStuffWorks

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Police and everyday citizens have even been known to use Maglite flashlights as makeshift batons when needed. Before you choose a flashlight solvent trap adapter, you will need to determine the appropriate size. Then you can attach your flashlight to your barrel with ease. The Maglite solvent trap kit is inexpensive and provides all the properties needed for an effective solvent trap: durability, ample size, and a cylindrical fit that works well with standard gun barrels. At Infinite Product Solutions, we not only have all the common sizes for flashlight solvent trap adapter products , but we also have a wide range of colors to suit your personal preferences.