How to remove a condom from inside a woman. secrely remove condom and creampie @ -

How to remove a condom from inside a woman. The condom got stuck inside of me

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What If the Condom Slipped Off During Sex? (for Teens) - KidsHealth

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Can a condom get lost inside a woman? This is a question that concerns many women who use condoms for birth control and to protect against sexually transmitted infections , especially if they have experienced condom slippage during intercourse. This is not a common occurrence and is typically due to the condom being used incorrectly. Therefore, it is entirely possible for a condom to slip completely off a man's penis during intercourse and be left in the woman's vagina after he withdraws. This can be alarming and, of course, the condom does need to come out as soon as possible. You don't have to be worried that the condom will become permanently stuck, however, because the cervical opening that is, the opening between your vagina and your uterus is not large enough for a condom to go through.