Hidden treasure found in old house. Million-Dollar Hidden Treasures Discovered In Old Homes

Hidden treasure found in old house. Hidden Safe Found In 200 Year Old House Is Filled With Treasures, Homeowner Says (PHOTOS)

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A Hidden Treasure Was Found In A Safe In The Closet

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WHEN a family decided to do some renovation work, they never expected to unearth these hidden treasures lurking in their house. A series of imgur photos show the moment these amateur builders stumbled across a sealed suitcase lodged in the ceiling. The property, which was built in the 40s, is currently undergoing renovation by the year-old tenant. It has something inside, but not heavy like coins or gold bars. The intrigued couple immediately began guessing what was inside the trove, pondering whether it would be cash, cards or receipts. The contents were also protected by old newspapers that lined the bottom of the case, and these dated back to March 25th,