Hampton brandon in jail. HAMPTON BRANDON C Inmate S Florida Prisons (DOC)

Hampton brandon in jail. Streamer Hampton Brandon Arrested Again After Brandishing Knife in Public

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Brandon Gross, also known as streamer Hampton Brandon, has been arrested again. On Thursday night in Los Angeles, Brandon with a crew of four others approached the car of fellow streamer Ebenezer "EBZ" Lembe, sprayed mace at his windshield, then fled in a car. EBZ then met up with another streamer, Corinne, who seemed very shaken up about the situation. Every interaction was captured on Lembe's and Corinne's streams. At little while later, Brandon pulled up with his posse to where Lembe and Corinne were staying in Beverly Hills with Brandon potentially finding their location by watching Lembe's stream. Brandon gets out of the car brandishing a knife and wants to fight Lembe. Eventually Brandon leaves.