Does self hypnosis work if you fall asleep. 3 Studies That Show Whether Hypnosis is Effective While Sleeping []

Does self hypnosis work if you fall asleep. Does hypnosis work if I fall asleep while listening?

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What if I Fall Asleep During Hypnosis? - Hyptalk Hypnosis Downloads

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I am a qualified hypnotherapist. I have helped professional athletes and celebrities overcome their anxiety and depression, and I produced the first in-flight hypnotherapy channel with the help of my partners at British Airways. The information you find here is not something I rehashed from other hypnotherapy websites which they probably got from someone else, and so on. The information I post on my website is based on the latest journal articles, from my latest professional experiences, and a whole host of reputable and authoritative sources. I firmly believe the field of hypnosis suffers from being shrouded by outdated beliefs. Some people still see hypnosis as something mystical, which I hope you agree is nonsense. The scientific advancements in neuroscience and the technological advances of the recent years have allowed us to better understand the brain.