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Ddlg fetish. DDLG: The Definitive Guide To Daddy Dom / Little Girl Relationships

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DDLG Playground | Quality ABDL Pet Play CGL BDSM Kawaii Fashion Store

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Kinks are an interesting thing, I think a lot of sexual subsections get a bad rap though to be honest. They are twisted and put under a darker light, and then the whispers about these kinks take on a tone of disgust. You have all the passion, the kissing, different positions, aggressive to making love, oral, all that. But for added flavor, you throw a little hot sauce on top, or mix a bit of cheese in there. It can be from getting aroused by your partner wearing thigh high socks. To going crazy over the smell of their sweat. Could you still eat and enjoy your favorite sweets without the whipped cream or chocolate drizzle?