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Ballsdeep69 klein. BallsDeep69

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BallsDeep69 is first seen being knocked around by a pig enemy, while Kirito taunts him. Ballsy though says that the pig is "like a pig from hell". In response Kirito defeats the pig with simple pebble, tauntingly calling it the strongest weapon in the game, Mithril Pebble of Pig-Smiting , afterwards going on explaining the supposed legend of the pebble. This goes on for a while, and finally Ballsy says that he has to go, thanking Kirito on the quick tutorial on pig slaying and the not-so-quick tutorial on rocks. Ballsy however finds that he's unable to log out, with Kirito also finding this out. Ballsy attempts to remove the Nerve Gear with his arms, but Kirito corrects his mistake, telling him that the Nerve Gear disables the users motor functions, so they don't move around.