3d flooring images. Best 3D flooring designs, 3D epoxy floor images for bathroom

3d flooring images. Epoxy Flooring in Dubai

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3D Flooring - 3D Floor Murals, 3D Epoxy Floors for Sale: clarkeadvertising.info

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Imagine walking into a bathroom to find a dolphin staring at you. These unique designs let people feel the thrill of being in the outdoors while being actually inside a room. A Dubai company called Imperial Interiors has put a jaw-dropping twist to floor designs. The concept was first used in offices, shopping centers and hotels, according to the company. With these 3D designs, one might easily stop for a moment and think about stepping inside the room. Here are 20 photos showing how awesome these designs are. Thousands of people in the online community were recently shocked upon seeing the viral image of a large dead whale.