Sex positions in the bath tub. 6 Steps to Sexier Bathtub Sex with Your Man!

Sex positions in the bath tub. How To Have Steamy Sex In Your Bathtub

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5 sex positions for rocking sex in a bath tub |

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Who doesn't get a little turned on when their partner joins them in the shower? The cascading water, the steam, the delicious aromas wafting through the air, and the spanking-clean, naked skin are total aphrodisiacs. But let's be real: Shower sex ain't easy to pull off. All the same things that make it so hot—the slipperiness, the crammed quarters—also make it logistically challenging. To get it on without slipping and sliding all over the place, try one of these 10 shower sex positions. How to do it: Lean back against the shower wall while your partner stands in front of you—then wrap one leg around their waist or ask them to hold the back of your knee in the crook of their elbow to make this move a little easier on you.