No contact rule always works. 4 Reasons Why the No Rule is a Bad Idea | The Modern Man

No contact rule always works. The No Rule: Everything You Need To Know

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The Exact Reasons Why The No Rule Works Every Time

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And on the other hand, we still want to stay in touch with the same person that broke our heart and walked all over it! Both exes who were once completely in love with each other now avoid each other purposefully and greet each other with awkward smiles like distant acquaintances when they invariably bump into each other. The best way to disconnect emotionally and heal the hole in your heart is by avoiding your ex completely. Resist the temptation to stay in touch or call your ex just to say hello. And for crying out loud, avoid looking for ways to bump into them just so you can shake hands or exchange a warm-but-awkward hug. Only when you take an emotional step away will you be able to look around and find new things to fill that emptiness you feel in your heart. Memories have a sneaky way of cropping up each time you see your ex.