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Primarina competitive. Decidueye vs. Primarina vs. Incineroar

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Pokémon Sun and Moon Competitive Corner – Decidueye, Incineroar and Primarina - VGU

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Its typing also helps with this as it is able to be a nice check to the Ultra Beasts who are everywhere in competitive play. But if we did:. This set is designed to make Primarina as bulky as possible, hence the full EV investment into Health, so you can safely switch in on a special attack from your opponent and threaten them out with a powerful STAB move such as Hydro Pump and Moonblast. Ice Beam is here to deal with Grass and Flying-types which would love to counter switch into Primarina. Psychic then allows you to hit Pokemon that would normally wall this Soloist creature such as the popular Toxapex. This set is as basic as it comes; take a hit and deal some massive damage when you can. For those who want to hit even harder, you could also think about using Choice Specs as an item instead.