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Doujinshi 52 pages Moka tries calming them down as Tsukune laments in his mind that they aren't off to a good start. She watches the battle continues on and expresses her concern about Ruby's health when she uses her Iron Maiden ability. She then noticed Gin was in the same bed and she knocked him out of the bed. He then mentioned that her "Lady" was likely ready to make her attack on humans, as well as the fact that Tsukune was the only human wise to the facts who could act. Before they could do anything, Mizuki attacked them both, and attempted to drag them both below the ground and kill them like he tried to do with Tsukune. Kurumu realizes that Gin has feelings for San and teases him a little not in a bad way though. Amazed by Yukari's counterattack, Kurumu reflects on the facts that Yukari didn't run and was awfully stubborn. When Tsukune asks what she meant, Kurumu states that thinking outside the box is good, but that Ms.

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As Tsukune walked back with Mizuki Ueshiba, Kurumu could've sworn that she heard him yell. The margins mention that Kurumu is playing hooky from summer school. Later on, as final exams come up, Kurumu finds out about Ms.

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Walking away, she then wonders about why Moka joined as Vampires were supposed to hate water for some reason. As she tried to break free, she yelled him to come back, and called him a traitor. It was quite popular back then because of its sexy and somewhat funny and hilarious episodes.

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Kurumu, Tsukune, Yukari and Moka were looking for Mizore and found her. When Ruby goes looking for them during the battle between Tsukune and Akua, she finds them missing before being knocked out. This proves a good thing as, otherwise, she would've gotten seriously hurt. Kurumu then bumps into a student, which happens to be Tsukune.

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Ririko dismissed as trash, while Yukari mentions that a previous student that Ms. Before they left, Hokuto Kaneshiro, president of the festival committee arrived and apologized for what happened with Mizuki. After Gin tells her to do what she wants to which she says she will, Gin then asks her would she still wants to save Tsukune if he was human. The series is kinda boring sometimes but yeah, it has its moments :. Kurumu looks skyward and realizes that at night, you can't see the stars from the city, and wonders what will become of them now. When Moka starts screaming, she and Mizore rush forward, only for Kurumu to discover an invisible barrier around her. When he threatens to hurt Moka, Kurumu's rage allows her to use illusions to frighten and bind Nagare as she assumes her true form.

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Product Information Kurumu looks super sexy in Kurumu kurono sexy school gym uniform. Her shirt can be removed leaving her with just a bra on and her wings exposed in the Kurum. Her bloomers are made of a rubber material that can be slipped off. Gray-man D. Kagihime Alice Kurumu kurono sexy Kaichou wa Maid-sama. Little Busters. Shugo Kurumu kurono sexy. Add to Sexg List. Add to Registry. Kurjmu Your Wish List. Your Gift Registry. Convention Schedule. Cell Phone Straps.

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She is later seen by Ruby when she wakes up, being healed by Yukari's healing worm summon alongside Mizore. Two days later Kurumu greets Tsukune good morning, expressing her joy at his recovery. As Kurumu shields herself and Tsukune and Moka wonder at their crazy behavior, Yukari is snatched from their midst.

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They're saved from death by Kokoa , who warns them about her older sister's resistance against physical attacks. Kurumu gave a kiss to Mizore as a comfort to make clear that this is just a kiss, which surprised Mizore. Moka then realizes it is a murder of crows term for a group of crows.

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