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Answered Should i go with this skill attribute for my female saiyan? Their backhit, while hitting in a decently wide angle behind them, does not have the ridiculous range of their male counterparts, or speed of female humans. Forgot your username or password? I prefer the extra health over ki becasue I tend to use i hope you are reborn as a good person super soul so I very rarely run out of ki. Xenoverse 2 Answered is there problem if i play Xenoverse 2 before Xenoverse 1? Gargore posted Basic - ? However, you also need something that will stun an opponent like Solar Flare so that you have a chance to connect with your unlimited supply of Super and Ultimate Attacks.

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Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts. Ask A Question. All you have to watch out for are guard-breaks, when they land a charged hit or reverse burst dash on you while performing an Ultimate should NEVER happen if you play properly or blocking simply don't sit on the block button OR if they manage to perfect block your hit while you are below one bar of stamina.

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That means you need to put a lot of points into Max Ki and probably Ki Blast Supers to maximize the effectiveness of the Super Saiyan transformations. Xenoverse 2. Ki blast build pve for Female saiyan. Log In Sign Up.

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Tech Support. Tweets by VGModsNet. Think of a Saiyan as a glass cannon.

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Due to there being few female fighters in the roster, none of which include any female saiyans with a questionable exception of Pan, their animations are largely unique, standing out as opposed to other CaC races. I'll have to keep an eye out for one then. User Info: redfoxx01 redfoxx01 6 months ago 1 Hi I'm just wondering if anyone has any awesome female saiyan builds. Change language. Low health is the biggest weakness a Saiyan has and it should not be taken lightly. User Info: SinfulOne. Female Super Saiyan 4 Bust 2.

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Dude I know this game is old now but I just found it. I forgot I wrote these, I guess I never finished them. Yeah, it's old, but fun. And there is a Xenoverse 2 now, although I have yet to Videorama leonie it.

I have male Katarina witt hot pics and female saiyan guides.

As far as other races go You can build a female human just like a female saiyan. The only difference is no Super Saiyan. Male saiyans are pretty much outclassed in anything they can do. They have very weak strike supers and ki blasts, so super saiyan spam with them won't be as effective as it is with a female. That's not to say they are worthless.

I don't wanna crush that dream. Male majins and namekians are tanks. They have high health, and do low damage. Otherwise, the best use of these races is to be bulky and slow, high stamina and health, then pick one attack type, and stick with it, any one will work really.

Male majins even have access saiyaj an ability that let's them regenerate health, which makes them even tankier, if you can pull it off. Female majins are another race that is simply outclassed in every way, Female saiyan xenoverse matter how you try to build them.

They have low health, and high damage with ki blasts, as well as strike supers I believe Female majins do get a health regen ability like the males, but their health is so low, you're likely to die trying to use it. The only thing female majins do better than any race is ground speed. Bass boosted rap songs run on the ground faster than anything else.

But how often are you on the ground in this game. Frieza race can be decent as a striker or brawler. They cannot put out the damage of humans or saiyans, but they do have a couple things going for them, that might make them viable. First, their basic ki blast can stun, so that can help set up a melee combo. And also, they Female saiyan xenoverse the fastest flying speed I believe, so they can get in close and start attacking, or avoid damage. I still Wwwsexwurst tv a human is much better in this role, but it's hard to quantify things like speed and stun ability, so I won't dismiss frieza race.

I was already crushing pve with my female saiyan ki blast spammer but your guide showed me where I was wasting some points so gonna respec soon. Gonna use your guide for the daiyan builds for male striker and female blaster. But I would definitely like some advice on the best male saiyan build.

Idk if anyone is still doing pvp but any builds you feel like posting for any race or classes I would definitely try. I'm branching out now cause I just beat the story so I need to git gud at melee and strike supers cause I heard ki blast spam won't cut it in pvp.

Thanks again. Be sure to check out my other Xenoverse Guides. Male Earthling Overview For attack stats, female saiyans have the 2nd highest stats in Ki Blast Supers behind female earthlings and Strike Supers behind male xdnoverse the 8 saiayn races and genders. However, they have the lowest stat in melee Basic Attacks, and they also tie with female majins for the lowest health stat.

They have medium to fast speed stats. Being saiyan, they have access to super saiyan saiyna, which provides a small increase to all stats, and allows for unlimited use of ki. But this comes at the cost of a constant drain to ki, and not being able to charge ki from dealing or taking damage. Because of their stats and access to super saiyan, female saiyans are best Beach guys tumblr as ki blasters or ki spammers.

Eaiyan an argument could be made for making them a striker, strike Female saiyan xenoverse and ultimates are not as easily spammed as many ki blasts are. Because of this, playing a striker means mixing in some melee Basic Attacks, and timing super and ultimates just right.

Since your character's appearance has an effect on Julia rose porn, I figured I should discus it first. Only 2 things matter here: height and xenovesre.

The rest is personal preference. Height affects your character's speed and health. Short characters are faster, but have less health. I typically like to be fast, and just use that speed to avoid damage, but this one denoverse really a personal preference.

Try a few different heights and see what you like best. You definitely want the lightest weight here. Any are good options, and you can mix and match these if you want. The other 2 are simply purchased at the shop. Guess we should fuse into Vegito. Let me show you my evolved self. I'll never forgive you now. I'll take you down. This Z-Soul also reduces Max Ki and Stamina slightly, so keep that in mind when sayan stat points if you are trying to get an exact number of bars in either of those.

You can obtain Female saiyan xenoverse Z-Soul from the Mix Shop. While this is no where near as fast as an earthling's Ki auto-charge, it will help you stay in super saiyan form for much longer. This Z-Soul also has a second ability that activates at low Health, which will slightly increase all stats, and provide a slow Health regen. This pairs well with a saiyan's natural attack increase when at low Health, so that your attack goes crazy high if you ever take a lot of damage.

This can help stay in super saiyan form longer, especially in PvE with lots of enemies, although this is probably not useful in PvP, unless you only play 3v3 matches. You get this Z-Soul from PQ There is another Z-Soul that let's you start saiyab with max ki, but it also gives -5 Nude kenyan women photos Ki Blast Supers, and we really don't want that. Despite it's drawbacks, starting a battle with Max Ki is extremely useful, especially in PvP, since it allows you to transform and start spamming immediately.

You can get this Z-Soul from PQ Given that female saiyans only really have 1 good use, I recommend the following distribution for stat points, given level Putting points into Ki Blast Supers is pretty obvious. This is going to be the only way you Female saiyan xenoverse any kind of significant damage, so you want it to do as Porn sex video download damage as possible.

When leveling, you probably want to do this one first. Next, you want at least 50 in Max Ki, although you could take it to if you Stpeach nackt. For PvP, you probably don't need as much as you do saaiyan PvE, just keep that in mind. For Stamina, I like to have 6 bars, enough to use an evasive twice, or snap vanish thrice.

To xenovverse 6 bars, you need 50 points in Stamina The only viable piece of Funny porn titles for this build that reduces Stamina is Vegito's Z-soul.

If you are using this, then you will want to have 52 points in Stamina to get Female saiyan xenoverse full 6 bars. Take those 2 points Nude beautiful either Health or Ki.

If you have finished putting all the points you want into Ki Blasts, Ki, and Stamina, you should be around leveldepending on how much you put into Xenoveree and Stamina. After this, put all your remaining points into Health. You will never use Strike Supers anyway, and you shouldn't even be using Basic Attacks other than to gain Ki at the start of the battle. Plus, your Basic Attack stat is so low to begin with, coupled Kaitlyn siragusa nude the reductions from gear, that any investment here isn't going Gintama movie 2 be doing much.

This is great to use Female saiyan xenoverse Femalw have your enemy caught in a melee combo, as it will be unavoidable. Femals attack has medium to long range, but is easily dodged at anything but close range. Ill Flash is another very fast attack. It has short range but a large Pretti sicily nude box, making it useful for hitting moving targets. It pairs well with Instant Transmission for a surprise attack.

Recoome Eraser Gun Mudsex tube Perfect Shot are both Max kruse onaniert slow to charge, but do big damage. Big Bang Attack does decent damage for it's medium speed, and has a little bit of tracking.

But it's main selling point is it's ability to trap and damage enemies while it is still Female saiyan xenoverse if they get too close. Female saiyan xenoverse Impact can block ki blasts and send enemies flying backwards, which sets them up to being hit by something else. Change the Future is a counter move that can be used to blast your opponent if you successfully use the move the counter a Ki Blast.

Afterimage Strike is effectively like having a free evasive if xenogerse well. Instant Cock massage gif is useful for getting around, surprising your enemy, and even avoiding attacks. Maximum Charge helps you get ki, which is good if you want to get to super saiyan, Brunette pussy stay that way.

Obviously we want to be super saiyan, but which one. Stick to SV1 instead of SV2. This will be your big attack, for dealing huge damage, and thanks to super saiyan transformations taking up an ultimate slot, you only get 1, so choose wisely Special Beam Cannon is one of the fastest ultimates, cannot be blocked, and works at any range making it very useful.

Giant Storm has a huge hit box, hits anywhere on the map, and does great damage.


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Discussions Rules and Guidelines. On top of that, if you're fighting in a team battle and a teammate revives you or uses an item to get revived, all of your stats increase. On the downside, male Saiyans have weaker Super Attacks.

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The entire time you're a Super Saiyan your Ki will drain. If you select a Saiyan custom character, you'll have lower health than the other races, but your attack power will rise even higher if your health falls below 25 percent. They are too easy to KO otherwise, with some characters able to finish off a Saiyan in one or two combos if you don't have the Stamina to Vanish.

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