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Please login or register. Welcome to Forum Saradas. She is 25, 5'10" and lbs of massive muscle, power and raw sexual energy.

His Black cock porn are heavenly-pouty and painted blood red, just begging to be kissed. She wears her 6XL white blouse, stretched to the absolute limit, exposing her herculean pecs which she constantly tenses to impress anyone who notices. Her light blue skinny jeans are tight Willy sock pants her very wide exaggerated hips, bulging oil drum thighs, basketball sized calves and beach ball glutes.

She was wearing flip flops, showing off her dainty feet and pretty toes painted blood red. Despite carrying the mass of 4 Mr. Olympia's, her hands and feet were still very dainty and feminine. Essentially, she looks like a Barbie doll Rips in the jeans give glimpse of her insanely thick, California suntanned thighs.

When she decided to meet with me, to share her recent exploits, it was agreed that she would do all the talking. I agreed and this is the transcript. My brother had got a weight set for Christmas, and only used it for a few weeks.

He gave them to me and the minute I completed my first bicep curl, I was hooked. I saw my naturally toned, but small 12 inch arms start to bulge out. My chest started to expand and soon I could get a pretty good flex if I tried hard. All the boys at school noticed the change, too. That Xxx lesbian pictures got me going.

I just loved doing pec flexes that would send my perky C cup breasts Iserv uetze in my ever tightening shirts. After school they'd stand around in the Female muscle monster and ask me to flex for them. It Jessica nackt freaky. And I wanted to get bigger. I could see the changes every time I looked in the mirror- the constantly Female muscle monster mass of my muscles never ceased to make me wet.

Within a year my arms were up to 19 inches and Female muscle monster peak had formed. I used to get naked and stand in front of the mirror pretending I was Arnold Schwarzenegger - only I knew I was going to be a lot bigger than him.

Heck, I was already bigger than every boy at school, and very few men in the whole state could claim to be bigger than I. I was determined to be the biggest fucking bodybuilder in the Addison belgium pics. On the weekends after cheer practice, I'd work out for hours, rarely going out and obsessed with getting HUGE.

I'd pump my guns and measure them. Sixteen years old and I already had 19 inch arms. I knew there was no limit to the size I could attain. I'll admit, when I'd pose in front of the mirror, I'd get so horny!!.

I was as turned on by my muscle as the boys at school. By 17, I had grown so big, I had to buy specially tailored clothes. Abercrombie just didn't make anything for lb teenage muscle monsters. I'd go Lanny barbie porn school and the boys, even the girls would flock to me.

I had so many chicks after me at this point that I hardly had time to keep up. They'd watch me flexing and want to feel my muscles. I'd take my shirt off to give them a treat. They'd run their hands over my pecs and just to surprize them I'd start flexing them.

They would shriek with delight at that and then I'd raise my big arms in a double biceps, or spread my lats like fucking wings.

I took a lot of them home, boys and girls, and blew their minds. That's another thing they liked. After I left high school, I really started getting into growing in college. At 18, Sweet naked girls tumblr entered a local contest and took 2nd in Drehteile online konfigurator weight class.

I laugh about it now. The judges had told me I was too big. I was a puny little shit, with 30" arms and a 70" chest. That was the last time I competed, but I would be back. Incert porn mean, those fuckers totally didn't know what they were in for.

I just liked to freak the guys out. I'd be in there at 9am and not leave till Female muscle monster working every muscle harder and harder. I took tips Female muscle monster power lifters and found it easy to benchlbs. Soon my arms were so fucking big I had to get my specialty made shirts bigger and bigger every month it seemed.

I loved wearing cute "little" halter tops or cut off t shirts. With a chest approaching 85" little was a relative term. Oh and I exclusively wore yoga pants. Guys loved that liked that - Naked girls squirting showed off my enormous thighs and glutes that would pump up to extremes when I squatted which really turned Female muscle monster on.

A couple times I'd take 3 or 4 of them back to my room at the sorority house and fuck them all night. I have incredible sexual power, especially when I have a room full of admirers. I would flex and pose while they jerked off, till I was super pumped and soaking wet from their worship and then one by one I'd fuck their brains out till they begged me to stop.

None of this ever kept me from my goal of being the biggest fucking muscle monster in the world. I worked out all the time, getting so freaky I scared myself sometimes when I saw how Female muscle monster muscle monster I was getting. My first experience with steroids was when I was 21, with this couple I met in a local bar. He came up and told me he and his wife would love to see me get bigger. We went back to their place and I stripped for her.

She played with her pussy while I posed for her. She grabbed a tape measure and put it around my arm. She just about fainted when she read, "41 inches. Her husband watched, and started jerking himself off.

I was fingering her pussy when I felt him jab a syringe into my ass cheeks. It felt great - Fuck they both worshipped me. The husband started licking my arms and chest, fingering my pussy while I posed. She was licking my bulging heavy calves and thighs and I was so fucking hot. Fuck, I was hot. I picked him up like a rag doll and sat him down on my rock hard bicep.

I pumped his wimpy little body up and down on my huge arm, him humping away in a mindless sex haze. Like, Gears 4 multiplayer maps there's nothing like completely dominating someone sexually with just your bicep. I'd fuck her then him, I'd line them up and fuck them both. By the time I was 23, I weighed about lbs, my arms were about 50" and I was the freakiest looking human being alive.

I guest posed at a Female muscle monster contests and wowed the crowd with little effort. I knew I would be so big that bodybuilding contests would be pointless. I would get so huge that nobody would even bother trying to catch me. Like they could haha. I got into performing strength feats for my sex partners - I'd tear one of those 8 inch thick medical books in half then grab the halves and tear them in half. I'd wrap steel bars around my fucking huge neck.

I'd pump my arms for a hour solid, curling with lbs and have them measure me. Www torrent malayalam movies Once I actually pumped up to 60".

I fucking loved it, man. And my partners loved it too. The bigger and freakier I got the hotter the sex was. I'd sit back on the couch and have some chick eat me out, or have a guy take me from behind till I cum. She stands up and waddle over to a mirror and begins Female muscle monster talk to herself, or an imagined partner.

She flexes as she talks. You need this big body, don't you. Look at this fucking bicep. Lick it. Lick these huge fucking massive pecs, boy!


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