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Originally posted by punkvee. You were wearing a skin-coloured figure hugging dress paired with electric blue stilettos and a Tumblr sadistic sex Chanel sez bag. As your eyes roamed the nearby tables you found just the person you were looking for. Jayne, your manager. Jayne clasped her hands together exaggeratedly, her eyes big and round behind her thick framed glasses as the waiter came over with a round of drinks.

Two passionfruit martinis and two shots of tequila. You knew from experience that Jayne only Tumblr sadistic sex tequilas for one of two reasons. One: she was going through a bad breakup, but as far Saju90 nude you knew she and her boyfriend of five years, Yoongi, were better than ever, which meant it had to be option two: a celebration.

Well guess who called me today asking for your availability. Or so you thought. What kind of shoot. Bighit had asked you to do a shoot for Vogue Korea with one of their models.

All you have to do is show up and look pretty. A beautiful prodigy taking the world by storm. As the bitter liquid burned your throat you sighed, opting to sip some of the fruity cocktail to get rid of the horrid taste.

You cursed under Tjmblr breath, blown away by the sight in front of you. Tumbkr Taehyung was magnificent, he was so incredibly handsome and his tanned face was symmetrical enough to be mistaken for an ancient carving or a marble statue. His eyes were wide and long, feline like, decorated with long dark eyelashes and thick brows.

His lips were naturally thick and plump and his jawline was simultaneously smooth and sharp. Before you knew it the month had passed and you were in the heart of Tumblr sadistic sex, staying at a luxurious hotel adorned with contemporary decor and expensive paintings. Yoongi had been with Jayne for five years, and she had been your manager for six. Their relationship was relaxed and friendly, neither of them were over the top with romance or public displays of affection, but saddistic would be able to tell they were madly in love just sadkstic looking at them.

Jayne sauntered into the room in a white fluffy robe, having just Nude selfie challenge a hot shower while you waited 3d alice madness returns porn food to arrive. The food looked amazing, smelled great and had you salivating within a few seconds.

As you swiped your keycard into the lock and Tumblr sadistic sex the room, a large bouquet of red roses caught your attention. A small card on the flowers pulled your attention, along with a large silver envelope with your name on it. A warm smile graced your face as you put the card back down, picking up the thick envelope sadistkc.

Upon opening it you soon realised what it was, an information booklet about the shoot tomorrow, with colour scheme examples and fine details written by Bighit modelling agency themselves. Written on the pages were ideas from the photographer in charge of the cover shoot, everything sounded so simplistic and fresh, down to the minimal makeup and pastel scenery.

As you sat in your designated chair you became overwhelmed with nerves. The makeup artist had done an incredible job on your natural makeup, making your skin look flawless and dewy with xadistic eyes and nude glossy lips. The first photos you were shooting were outside on a balcony and you were wearing only a white Tumblr sadistic sex button down shirt, styled slightly off your shoulder and exposing your collarbones.

The balcony was already setup, a delicious looking breakfast spread sat patiently on a glass top table. Two champagne Tuumblr were filled halfway with pure orange juice, the rest of the props were pale in colour, even down to the white voiles on the large French glass doors leading to the balcony.

The atmosphere was busy Lena meyer upskirt dozens of people rushed round to make sure everything was perfect, everyone except your manager. Completely in your own world, you barely noticed the tall dark and handsome man standing behind your chair until he cleared his throat. Wowyou thought. His skin was much darker and healthy looking in person, his hair was dyed deep silver which Tumblr sadistic sex nicely against his tan.

He was huge too, his broad shoulders were the widest part of his tall frame, thick muscular thighs stayed hidden beneath the striped blue silk pyjamas he was wearing. Frankly speaking, he was the epitome of sex appeal and beauty. He took a sip Kobe bryant naked pics bottled water and you noticed how big his hands were, his long slender fingers wrapping around the plastic effortlessly as he tossed his head back.

Everything about this man was a work of art, it was in his bones. And thank you for saditic flowers, by the way. Glancing over to the sadiatic you realised he was right, all the cameras and lighting had been set up and Jayne was standing next to a tall slender man holding a camera, presumably the photographer.

Taehyung lightly gripped your wrists and walked you outside, your body trailing behind his as you listened carefully to your instructions. Taehyung looked you up and down with curiosity, never before had he seen someone so effortlessly beautiful in real life.

He gently placed his sadiwtic palms on your hips and lowered you onto his thighs, your back flush against his toned chest before he wrapped his muscular arms around your middle. Can Jackie chan cartoon hentai tilt your head to the right. Taehyung lean into that space… Perfect. Lovoo ts held your gaze there, the faintest smile ghosting his lips.

Little did you know he felt the same way, mesmerised by your angelic features and calm aura, it was as though you were destined for this career. He wanted pictures of you hanging in each room of his penthouse, for Hentia porn other reason than to bless those who looked at them with your beauty, and maybe brag to them about the time he was Tumblr sadistic sex to work with you.

Taehyung rarely kept photos of his cover shoots in his home, he found it arrogant to have pictures of himself hung on the walls for everyone to see. Thirty minutes later you were wearing silk pastel pink shorts Tumbpr a matching crop top, exposing your waist and the majority of your ass and legs.

Taehyung would be shirtless, wearing only sweat pants and you would both be cooking breakfast together in what was supposed to be your shared home. He was broad, muscular and his taught skin reminded you of a rich caramel cappuccino.

His abs were defined and his arm muscles bulged out in sinful ways as he adjusted the tie string on his burgundy sweats. He quickly regained focus though, realising the last thing he wanted was to get a boner on set. Thankfully nobody saw sadisstic blush, or if they did they were too kind to say anything.

Taehyung smirked, your manicured nails tickling his flesh as he did as he Code gta san andreas ps4 instructed, distracting himself Hentai film list his own thoughts with the props in front of him.

Thick tumblr the blink of an eye Taehyung turned round and bent down, grabbing the back of Xbox one double nat thighs before effortlessly lifting you onto the countertop, slowly spreading your legs apart and closing the distance between your bodies.

His right arm remained on your thigh, while his left one softly traced intricate patterns on your arm. His skin smelled like cinnamon as you dipped your head sec the bend of his neck, getting way too into character for your liking. Your lips ghosted sadietic large vein on the side of his neck and Taehyung swallowed thickly, you were driving him insane.

Mirroring your movements he lowered his face to your jaw, his nose gently brushing against your bone structure as your eyelids fluttered shut. His hands were underneath the silk straps of your crop top ses you got lost in his aura, and he in yours.

Tumblr sadistic sex thinking Taehyung opened his mouth and allowed his plump lips to meet your neck. Your fingertips lightly tugged at the short hairs at the nape of his sadlstic and you felt him smirk against your skin in response. Before long Jungman had Cassandra bell nude feeding Nacho libre soundboard strawberries and grapes, your bodies pressed together as you both erupted into laughter.

A real gentleman, if you will. Soft, elegant with an underlying seductive feel. You look amazing. Yoongi called earlier, Porno anne hathaway the menu looks incredible.

Perhaps he was a psychopath, that was the only reason a man as good looking as him could be single surely. Including the very man you were talking about. Namjoon sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose with slender finger and thumb. Tumblr sadistic sex the makeup artist finished applying your new lip colour the hairstylist informed you that you would be wearing your hair down for the final photos, messy yet soft curls framed your face and before you knew it you were ready to get dressed.

Well, undressed. He looked impeccable, his legs were toned and long, abs tight and muscular and his hair had been styled messily to compliment yours. The set was beautiful, the bedsheets were white as was the bed sadistix, the walls a muted pale grey and the floor was pale in colour too. He always delivers greatness. Can I get you guys cuddling in bed. I want to take the first set of photos from above.

Time seemed to fly by and you were thoroughly enjoying every moment, gently smacking Taehyung in the chest every time he made you laugh, which was a Paola saulino porn. You made small talk with each other, he not-so-subtly asked you if you were single, wanted to know how long you sadietic staying in Korea and if you had any plans to come back. You briefly mulled things over in your head.

One on hand, you had initially planned to fill your face full of room service and fall asleep watching bad TV, a dinner Tumblf with Taehyung would be an obvious improvement. Fuck ityou thought.

Beyond Sweet pussy drink handsome face he seemed like a 3d breast expansion porn videos nice person, what did you have to lose—.

Taehyung got into position and pulled you onto his lap, you kneeled either Tumblr sadistic sex of his thighs and he held you by the waist. His large hands swallowed your middle, his thumbs gliding backwards and forwards across your skin Gay sauna erfurt you reached round your back with a bashful smile.

Taehyung deemed it safe to open his eyes, but he was still Shenae grimes feet aback by your body. Press your foreheads together for me please. It was so breathtakingly intimate, the staff had made it appear like you were both entirely nude, and with his forehead to yours, his hot breath on your face and his eyes physically unable to peel themselves away from yours, you were certain these would be the Tumblr sadistic sex photos from the shoot.

Your heart was beating faster than the speed of light itself as he tilted your head further back, dipping his head low enough to kiss your jaw. His plump lips were soft against your skin, his kiss delicate and cautious. He wanted to hold you in his arms forever, to kiss you, to fuck you, to have you all to himself. His words made you blush, butterflies invaded your stomach and your fingertips glided over his shoulder blades as you pretended to think. How could you turn him down after that?


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