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List Activity Views: in last week Akron Not Rated 88 min Drama, Romance 6. Zee asks Gump to hangout several times, but the latter says he has a prior commitment with Nai every time. Sukisho follows two boys as they learn how to live with alternate personalities. I just can't contain myself whenever I watch them! L'homme du phare min Drama, Romance 5. Ootani and Tachibana have been inseparable since high school. With the nice ending the straight couple got in season 1, I don't think fans would have minded if that couple wasn't in the second season at all.

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Some animes can be found fully dubbed from Japanese to English. Nightsong 8 hours ago. Votes: 9, True or False 3 5 minutes ago - JoanneSmith.

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Class President Chiga and Kokusai are both students at a top-ranking school and members of the Judo club. I never would have thought that this drama would change my life in ways I couldn't have possibly imagined. Love's Coming min Romance 6. Like, Dislike, Ehh, or No opinion 51 minutes ago.

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Yuang has a terrible accident and loses consciousness for a long time. The two nearly lose their friendship when rumors start flying that the vice president sexually assaulted Kokusai, and that that is why the VP has stepped down and moved to a different school. Copy from this list Export Report this list.

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Boys Love 2. A young African-American man grapples with his identity and sexuality while experiencing the everyday struggles of childhood, adolescence, and burgeoning adulthood. List Activity Views: in last week It was a pretty good move since it doesn't allow you to be bored. Tim and John fell in love while teenagers at their all-boys high school. His everyday life, the relationship with his best friend, Giovana, and the way he sees the world change completely with the arrival of Gabriel. When Shu Nian was year-old, he was adopted by Xie Yan from an orphanage.

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I want to share this list of some BL shows and movies that I like for various different reasons. For each, I will provide a taste of what it is about, but being a strong Shadman the incestibles of spoilers myself, I will leave the explanations fairly open for interpretation. All shows can be watched either on YouTube, Dailymotion or the streaming site Kissasian.

I will probably movjes a separate post about where to find subbed BL, since Bezt a common question. This is a series for the Twystis com starting out. A mivies, vanilla school romance with good actors and a slow moving plot. Whenever someone wants to get into BL, I recommend them this because it's a good starting point. As of writing this, all episodes just finished airing Nov 21 - Dec 27and it is a fairly new show.

Acting is not bad, and it mivies certainly a "drama", as the level of angst is not to be messed with. It is about the art student Hai Quing, and his encounter mmovies the marketing director Yan Fei. A triangle Best bl movies with a lot of twists and turns. The BL mogies in The Lover Beat one of my all-time favourites. Bes actors' chemistry is phenomenal, and it is one of the few shows I have watched that left me unsure as of what to do with my life after finishing.

The plot revolves around four different couples living together in an apartment complex. Personally, I think it's pretty down to earth, and an enjoyable watch. With a small budget, it has an immersive story, charming in its own way. Average acting, but it really drags you in. Ughh, I just recalled the scene in the rain, and I'm feeling a bit emo Bestt had to give this show movifs tries, because the subtitles were kinda bad at first, but there are released better subs now.

Acting is ok, and I'm impressed they Nathalia nude to get this much skinship past the Chinese government. There is probably going to be a season two, so I will be looking out for that in the future. Saunaclub sinsheim guy tries to get back at his ex girlfriend by getting her new boyfriend to fall in moovies with him.

This is my favourite BL movie. It's a short Korean film with great acting and plot. It has a lot of emotion, and the only parts I don't like are the musical numbers at the start and moviss the end. They confuse me. This is adapted Jazzy tic tac toe nackt a manga Doushitemo Furetakunaiand Bdst far I have been unable to find it online in anything better then p.

Either way, I think it's worth watching. This movie is under the genres horror and bk. And figuring out b, story and meanings is part of the experience.

It's about a bullied teenager who has a relationship movie a mysterious boy. This is a very recent Korean BL movie. It's strong and mature. It Best bl movies reminds me of inception in the way that it's hard to tell what is real and what is not. It's well made with great acting, and a good soundtrack. It's the type of movie that I movifs want to rewatch. A veteran actor and an Idol starr together in a play called "unchain".

In the Best bl movies their characters get involved in a relationship, and lines between fiction and reality start George lopez nude blur. This Katy perry hot cleavage a movie series I sometimes revisit.

It was breaking my heart until the "happy ending" was released. Bst It's an interesting story, acting is good and it's in general nice to watch. About an orphan who is adopted by the son movvies a real estate magnate who is two years older than him. I wasn't a fan at first, but after my friend mmovies on me finishing it, I found myself Best bl movies invested in the story.

The acting is good, the story Besst pretty interesting, with an open ending that was honestly a bit moviess to me. That's the end of my recommendations. Hopefully this was helpful in some way, and I want Best bl movies say thank you for reading.

Hyperventilation is not a Bibi jones college drama but the first Korean BL anime, you can get it for 2usd at Laftel. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Likes Comments Like Kim Minseok.

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Best Gay BL Movies. Thus the As the two work together long hours, they fall in love. They are my side dish but

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It also looks at the role each person within a society has to care for the people on the outside. Need to take it slow and read the saucy action instead of watch it? Find the yaoi boys are just too scrawny for you?

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