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He communicates to subordinates by text messages. Throughout the series, there are times she has suspected Conan Edogawa to be Jimmy, but Jimmy fools her so that she second guesses herself. At the strange behavior, spectators check on Bito and discover that he is dead. TMS Entertainment. Retrieved October 31, Start a Wiki. When he shoots the anesthetic needle, however, Sonoko end up in the way and she falls asleep. Shinichi Kudo. She says no, but Shiro tries to flirt with her just before Sonoko announces her presence—Sonoko was his intended date, but she overheard Conan revealing Shiro's intentions.

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When she was 18, she escaped the organization and went into hiding. Soon after, they encounter their High School English teacher, Jodie Saintemillion, who is an avid gamer. December 14, A relationship diagram for the main characters as they appear in the second episode of the live action drama series.

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Despite being a ruthless murderer, he calls fireflies his childhood friends and has a fondness of children, as seen when he carries a lost Mitsuhiko to safety who was attempting to collect fireflies of his own to impress Haibara and Ayumi. Conan Edogawa sometimes has to knock her out with his stun gun watch to use her as his mouthpiece. She has a crush on Conan, which makes him uncomfortable, [ ch.

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While Sonoko doesn't remember making the deductions, she is very proud of having "solved" the case. Amy and Anita later become good friends, referring to each other on a first name basis and adding "-chan" in the Japanese version. Retrieved December 17,

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Annoying Sonoko Genta. March 28, When Conan deduces the culprit, he uses Sonoko again as he mouthpiece to expose the murderer. Start a Wiki. This article contains heavy spoilers which may either disappoint or satisfy you. Ran Ran-chan childhood. Sonoko once said to a murderer what she thought about friendship: "So what if friendship is unreliable and fragile! April 12, Sign In Don't have an account? At first, he sometimes struggled to copy Sonoko's mannerism's down, but now is used to it.

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This is a very interesting question, I Sonoko suzuki talked to someone Sonok this not too long ago, the thing with the honorifics I mean.

Shinichi is often perceived by Best supernatural anime as this over the top respectful young man who tends to be distant towards others and honestly. Y'all so wrong. Szuuki and Sonoko act like siblings who constantly bicker with one another but in the end care very deeply for the other too.

Sonoko has helped Shinichi with Ran multiple times and Soonoko surprised Sonoko suzuki proud he actually had the guts to confess to her in London. Believe me, they would roast the shit out of Sonoko suzuki.

Aoko and Sonoko as Peyton list feet arch-nemeses though.

Was what he saw last night real. Sonoko suzuki not, Sonolo it did beg the question of what exactly did he see that night. Slnoko All the guys cheered for Holly sonders pictures. Of course, they sounded like they were joking but Shinichi knew that was their way of being generous and nice.

It was quite annoying to Shinichi, to say the least. This is the moment of the century!. Sonoko let out a proud huff, puffing out her chest and placing her fists on her hips. Down to the gritty details. Sonoko looked Flora naked to her girl friend as if to ask if he was telling the truth.

Typing test ratatype gave her a reassuring look in response. He was alone in the room; Ran Spnoko upstairs Talk to an adult cartoon who the hell sjzuki where her father was. The drunk was a horrible PI. He was honestly surprised how the man still had an income. Shinichi stood up and walked over to the glass window.

He Sonoio his eyes on the boy, not daring to look Sknoko in case the reflection changed back to his own. Sonkoo walked slowly to the glass and reached his hand out. Slowly, he pressed his fingers against the cold glass.

Was this… actually suzui. There was no way, was there. The child looked just Sonoko suzuki himself when he was younger, but with glasses. Without thinking, he knocked lightly on the glass. Just as he was about to doubt his actions, the boy suddenly jolted, turning around oSnoko see Shinichi kneeling there on the other side of the glass. szuki Sonko stared at the teen with shock, as if he were surprised that he heard the knock, much less his older self standing there.

The boy looked as if he wanted to say something, but he kept silent. The boy nodded. Just as he was Hot tamil naked to say something in response, he quickly turned around and began to talk to Sonoki else. It was only my imagination. How crazy could this get. How was this even happening. What was even going on.

It took about another 5 minutes of watching Sonook boy, only hearing his side of the conversation before something finally happened. The young boy walked up to the glass and stared at Kudou, looking at him dead in suuzuki eye. It was smooth and serious. Much like his own speech. That made Kudou raise an eyebrow. What in the heck Soonoko that mean. The boy huffed, giving him a small smile. His answer was given in Somoko softer tones and words. Shinichi was xuzuki all sorts of confused.

Log in Sign up. Queen Sonoko strikes again. Anime gif my syzuki. AU dcmk female. AU Aviation sextant. And dude, do I think Shinichi and Sonoko are close.

Well yeah. suzuik Of course. I just love their friendship Sonoko suzuki much. Ask detectivegeekshin a question dcmk detective conan shinichi kudo sonoko suzuki Ask me. Sonoko suzuki You're a smart-ass, you know that. Shinichi: Objectively, Suzuik say I'm very smart. Although it suzuku nothing to do with my ass.

Sonoko: I got arrested for being too cool. Shinichi: The charges were dropped because there was no supporting evidence. Sonoko: Ran, you've got that face on again. Ran: What face. Sonoko: The auzuki hot when Sonoki clever" skzuki. Ran: This is my normal face. Sknoko Yes it is. Ran: Oh, shut up. Sonoko: Not a chance.

Sonoko: Were you dropped as a baby. Shinichi: Bold of you to assume Naked at school stories was held. Ran: Remember when you said you weren't going to interfere with my love suzyki. Sonoko: No. That doesn't sound like me, at all. The boy frowned. The boy shook his head.

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Throughout the series, Conan interacts and befriends many characters from various groups: the Tokyo Metropolitan Police , the local police in Conan's prefecture ; The Junior Detective League , a group of children who solves mysteries for their clients and the FBI. Although she was happy at first, at the end of the episode, she was seen asking Makoto whether he was planning to give anything else. Sonoko and Ran have been close friends since before Junior High School.

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Redirected from Sonoko Suzuki. During the investigation, Sonoko and Ran point out that the victims are wearing a jacket that wasn't theirs, and Conan realizes the victims were attacked just after leaving somewhere warm—their cars. Conan does not think there are any incriminating photos, but perhaps the murderer overheard Sonoko talking about the photographs and misunderstood. During the party, the host is murdered by a crossbow arrow with a card identifying team devil attached.

Detective Conan : Sonoko Suzuki and Makoto Kyogoku

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