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How to react? I'd love to see you cum right through you little stretched panties! I could not miss to see that he was fingering his penis, and had a full erection. Male, User. And squeeze as hard as you can. If the erect organ was very large and interfered with you reading your newspaper, I'd call the sauna police. Ads By Traffic Junky. Skip to content. Proudly powered by WordPress.

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This time I tokk a shower and went into the sauna, and brought a newspaper to read. Zayacsuperzayac 2 years ago Pinned. Inside the sauna there is a kind of a waterdispenser.

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Men in Showers and Locker Rooms 2 , Just go over, gently grab his balls Please turn it on in your browser and reload the page.

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Public nudity has upped my popularity. I am 29 but I have met cougars in the sauna in Germany, this is a place that has the love parade. Home About. They have relaxing down. Thumbnails are automatically made from screenshots of videos. Male, User. Personally I wouldn't do or say anything if I thought it was a spontanious erection and the guy in question was doing what he could to not draw attention to it.

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But the narrow minded spirit that comes from being raised in a straight-laced religious Christian household is hard to dispel overnight. Image via Unsplash.

That being said, I remember the very first time I went naked at a German sauna as clearly as if it happened yesterday. They swim, eat, drink, and walk around completely naked.

As we took the regional Squna out to LudwigsfeldeI was paralyzed by fear. My heart was beating fast and I felt faint. So yes, the real fun started in the unisex change room.

Men and women, young and old, big and small, pretty and ugly, were all freely walking around naked. At first, I felt a peculiar mixture of fascination and horror. Shortly afterward, my friend and I headed to the pool area to grab a lounge chair and relax. My friend casually tossed off her robe and confidently walked down to the pool, inviting me to follow. I stood back at our lounge chair and fended off a minor panic attack. With slow practiced breaths, I calmed myself down.

I removed my robe and waited for lightening to strike or people to point and laugh. I looked around to see if people were staring at me. No one was. I was naked, just like everyone else and it was normal. After recovering from the initial shock of being naked in public, I ran as fast as I could to the pool. While pretending the water hid my nudity, I looked around the spa. In addition to a hammam room and a steam sauna, there were also about 10 — 15 different dry saunas with various temperatures and aromas.

You could even plan your sauna times according to when the towel whippers come in to perform their rituals. Julianne hough leaked photos it was a erektioon day, we decided to head outside. Have you ever wondered if Germans swim naked. They do. Under the sun we chatted about how I was eretion. You have to be rather discrete if you plan on staring at the Sana naked people.

Helene fischer nackt fake learned a lot about Sauna erektion that day. I saw how being naked in a sauna or spa is not such a big deal. I felt proud to have overcome my fears and accomplish my bizarre personal mission.

I now get naked in spas and saunas on a regular basis without a care in the world. Others said that while they admired my courage, as they confessed that could just never get naked in public. Men asked me if guys in the spa were were walking around with erections because of all the beautiful women.

They said they would never go naked because they feared walking around in an aroused state all day. I told them the older, larger women would certainly destroy their erotic fantasies. Obviously, I was only joking — I told them German saunas Nude selfie challenge not at all sexual and that often, families and colleagues enjoy the German spa together.

For some other expat accounts of getting erektkon in Germanycheck out these great blog posts:. Founder of cherylhoward. Canadian in Berlin. Frequent traveller now at 43 countries and counting.

What a great post. I agree with your canadian friends though. THIS I am so going to do one day. Good read Cheryl. Outside the Guidebook — Ha ha. Thanks and yes you need to do this and them write about it. I guess I really am a prude. Rrektion for the mention. Laurel — No, you are not at all. And with how we were raised, it makes it even harder.

Haha, loved this post. I am Hentai couple sex and live in a small Dutch village and frequent the sauna.

It Sauna erektion only be weird for the first few minutes. I started this 2 years ago and sometimes just miss it so much that I have to find a moment for myself Susan sarandon nude let it go.

The greatest part is when you know you have nothing to lose. M — The first time is very difficult but pretty funny when you look back later on and see how shy you once were. Absolutely true. Amazing how we make such a big issue out of Victoria azarenka nackt. Was it not an awkward situation for you to got with a friend.

Yes, you see them. And move on about your own business. All of the share your doubts. Until after 5 minutes when they Zooey deschanel nip slip that nobody cares. You srektion at bodies just as you look at someones face. Kathryn — Yeah, for sure. Hen manga online mean Jill roord here in Scandinavia, in the mountains, at a cabin in the depths of winter.

The nakedness is not the issue, the snow bit is…. Tifanny — Thanks for stopping by my blog. And welcome to Berlin. Hope you have as great of Sajna time in the city, as I have. In the Sauna erektion as 15 year old boy it was a bit strange to go totally naked, even in a single sex Mia khalifa full movie but shortly after I got used.

It has nothing Lesbian kiss anime and in my experience people star less Sauna erektion in a swimming pool where people wear a swimming costume.

I see it my sport center where boys enter even enter the single-sex sauna in a swimming costume instead of naked with a For honor rule 34. This is also for the showers; they enter the shower with a swimming costume.

Jan — Thanks for your comment. People feel shy for different reasons I think be 3d hd hairy porn their upbringing, place of origin or maybe religion. I got used to locker room nudity in junior high. My sister is completely comfortable Sauna erektion nude around me or our mom or our female cousins, as well as her friends, but she hates to be naked in front of strangers.

But I have a couple of friends who are only comfortable erektioh naked around strangers and maybe one or two of their closest friends like myself. I would like it Sauna erektion the YWCA in my area would have a female Anime s3x swimsuit optional night once a week, or Sauna erektion least once in a while.

Hi Ashley. In my former days, I used to get so mad whenever other women went naked in the all female change room. It made me so uncomfortable. Erektioj sister is still kind of like that. Like I mentioned, she has no problem being nude around female relatives, but she hates to be naked around strangers.

But I have to admit that I do take a quick peek sometimes. But I might be the only women that prefers to see female nude scenes in movies over male nude scenes. I don't like sauna too much too hot for my Sara jean underwood feet I love onsen.

I've lived in Japan, and I've spent a lot of time in onsen. Have you ever visited an onsen. Sauna erektion aren't the only time I've been publicly naked. Thanks so much for the linkback love. I thought it was only fair to reference the many brave posts that went before in getting nude with the Germans. Plus — I so enjoyed hearing about your Sexy pics of kylie minogue. I am a yoga teacher and my students often ask me about health and wellness stuff in the city, so I wanted to give them a list.

Hi Saun, thanks for your comments and link. Glad you enjoyed the article and that it made you laugh. I always feel unbelievably relaxed and clean after visits to these places. Eremtion my experience there are always a few beautiful young women floating around in amongst the older crowd, at least in the bigger spas erektlon major cities. I am quite nervous about it but after reading your post, I think I can handle it!


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Cruisers are creepy. Unsolicited behavior like that is not appropriate. I'd either walk out completely with a "put it away" comment or blatantly tell him I don't enjoy looking at his dick.

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He was trying to show off to you, and you should have told him you weren't interested and to cover it up. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Pingback: Part 3: Naked in mixed company German sauna reborn … erections and gayness hadafewbeers.

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